Play Emotions - iOS app
= available from July 2019 =

About app

This app is the best way how to be the center of attention!

Communicate with others through the stroboscopic effects and your emotions!

You can use an internal database with almost 200 words, 10 different fonts, 15 various effects and 12 speed options.

Forget the emoticons just Play (your) Emotions!
Play Emotions get emotions!
Play Emotions play life!
Download now, enjoy and have fun!

How to use this app

Using this app is easy. Choose and display any word to:

  • flirt with somebody
  • provoke some reaction
  • react to something or somebody
  • attract attention or address somebody
  • communicate with friends or other people
  • show your opinion or mood
  • vitalize your photos
  • and so on

Then aim your phone with displayed word to target person/persons, add your emotions and wait for response/reaction. Enjoy and have fun Play Emotions, play life!



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If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us at [digital.emotions(at)].

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